• Frequently Asked Questions

    QI want to tour the CloverWorks Studio.
    Unfortunately, we currently do not accept requests for tours from individuals.
    Please email for company tour requests by school (and other) groups for employment guidance and related activities.
    We occasionally open company and studio tours to the general public.
    QI want to send my questions/opinions about CloverWorks' new work.
    Please contact us using
    QI want to send my questions/opinions about CloverWorks' official site/related media.
    Please contact us using
    QI want to submit an original idea/proposal.
    CloverWorks does not accept submissions of ideas, plots, scenarios, illustrations, or artwork from the general public. Furthermore, it may not be possible to return submitted works.
    QI want to learn about products sold by CloverWorks.
    Information on CloverWorks' products is available GOODS page.
    QI want to do business with CloverWorks.
    Please use and include an outline of your proposal/inquiry, your company’s name, the name of the responsible party, and an e-mail address.
    QI want to interview CloverWorks.
    Please use to request interviews regarding our works or studios.
    (Please note: we do not accept interview requests from the general public)
    Q・I want to use images from the official CloverWorks site on my own site.
    ・I want to make my own products using images from the official CloverWorks site.
    The copyright of all images, sound, text and video featured on the official CloverWorks site remains with their respective owners. Except where allowed by law, unauthorized use of any copyrighted materials from the official CloverWorks site is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether it is for individual, commercial, or non-commercial purposes.
    QI want to join the CloverWorks team.
    Please see this page for information regarding new graduate and other hiring information.
    Please email for hiring-related inquiries.
  • General Inquiries

    • ・Business-related inquiries
    • ・Inquiries about the official homepage and related media
  • Comments regarding our work

    • ・Comments regarding our work
  • Question regarding products

    • ・Inquiries regarding works sold by CloverWorks

*We do not accept inquires via phone.
Please be aware that we cannot respond to all requests.